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I'm Rachel Sheikh, a Software Engineer striving to make the world a better place

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I am currently working as a TL on the Live Services team at Twitter. Through this team, I work on a variety of live streaming services and projects for the Twitter platform, check out this Tweet to see what I've launched in the last year with the help of my team!

I am also a Teaching Engineer at Interviewing.io, where I mentor and foster engineering talent for cohorts of early-career engineers, teaching them Go and AWS, as well as engineering best practices.

I am also an interviewer at Onramp.io, where I mentor and host mock technical interviews for engineers at all levels, in order to empower them to progress further towards their career goals.

Finally, I am also the Head of Engineering at Dora. In this role, I help to hire and grow the engineering team across the company, I lead development on the API and Data layer teams, and I work with engineering leads across workstreams to define our technical and product roadmaps.

I largely align myself with backend engineering, and my languages of choice are Go and Python. I am extremely interested in projects relating to video/media streaming, distributed systems, and cloud technologies.

Previously, I led engineering efforts within State Farm's RED Labs, where we built out an Alexa/mobile-based experience to connect seniors with their community of friends and loved ones, and launched it under the name Sundial. Before that, I was a software engineer at Microsoft, Telos Corporation, The Discovery Channel, and Volkswagen Credit, Inc.

When I'm not working on professional projects, I enjoy watching new movies/tv shows, going hiking, cooking new recipes, and playing video games.

Here's my Resume!
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B.S., Psychology: Fall 2020, Distinguished Graduate
B.S., Computer Science: Fall 2017
Mentor / Interviewer
Jun 2022 - Present
Head of Engineering
Feb 2022 - Present
Teaching Engineer
Aug 2021 - Present
Senior Software Engineer: Live Services
Feb 2021 - Present
Staff Software Engineer: Sundial Labs Independence
Jun 2020 - Jan 2021
Senior Software Engineer: Innovation Labs
Feb 2019 - Apr 2020
Senior Software Engineer (Contract): Media Infrastructure
Nov 2018 - Jan 2019
Senior Software Engineer (Laid Off): Blockchain
May 2018 - Jul 2018
Senior Software Engineer (Contract): Azure Blockchain & AI/ML
Mar 2018 - Apr 2018
Software Engineer: Innovation Lab
May 2017 - Mar 2018
Software Engineer
Apr 2015 - Feb 2017
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Building the Spaces Tab and Beta Learnings
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Debugging with traces in Papertrail and Periscope Admin
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Threat Modeling and Analysis with STRIDE
Netflix 2021
Decision Tree Classification for Residual Value Calculations
Volkswagen 2019
AI/ML for Automotive Financing and Underwriting
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Blockchain 101: A Technical Background and Applications within Mobility
Volkswagen 2019
Blockchain 101: Fundamental Applications and Development Paradigms for Distributed Supply Chains
Volkswagen 2019
Distributed User Authentication With Blockchain
Sequoia Holdings, Inc. 2018
“A comprehensive survey of common video streaming protocols”
Twitter 2021
Feb 2020 - Present

Used Python and the Click library to develop a CLI tool for rapidly creating projects through auto generating file tree structures, Readme files, testing and deployment with Travis, git hooks, and other necessary tools to enable development. Continuing to increase language coverage by researching project fundamentals for different languages and working to streamline CLI process through user testing.

Click Go Python Travis
Aug 2020 - Present

Building a tool in Python to enable developers to provide users with higher availability by implementing chaos engineering through simulated cloud failures and by presenting a rapid fallback mechanism to rotate traffic over to unaffected cloud platforms. Also integrating support for custom predictive fault models to determine when unused cloud resources should be spun up to be ready to handle incoming traffic rather than causing downtime during traffic transitions.

AWS Azure GCP Python Travis
Mar 2020 - Present

Building a co-streaming application with Go and React to deliver real-time video viewing parties/chats for users and offer an alternative media delivery tool to AWS Elemental. Leveraging Cassandra to handle user metric logging, Firebase Cloud Firestore to handle storage of video objects, and PostgreSQL to handle video file references and user metadata. Capturing viewing sessions in Docker and orchestrating multiple sessions through Kubernetes, with Memcached serving as the caching solution within containers.

Cassandra Docker Firebase GCP Go Kubernetes Memcached PostgreSQL React
Jul 2020 - Present

Leveraging the RapidAPI Netflix Catalog API to build an Alexa skill with Python that delivers movie/TV recommendations. Continuing to add support for previously viewed content to further enhance relevant recommendations to feature only new content to the user with Memcached and PostgreSQL in AWS.

Alexa SDK AWS Memcached PostgreSQL Python RapidAPI Travis
Jul 2018 - Nov 2018

A cross-platform mobile application that empowers customers to support locally-owned businesses

Dart Flutter
Jun 2018 - Jul 2018

A simple and functional tip calculator made for iOS and Android

Swift 4 Kotlin
Jun 2018 - Jul 2018

SEQnet is a fully functioning, transactional blockchain network with a proprietary concensus algorithm. It utilises Flask and Python 3, and can handle multiple concurrent users across a decentralised network. This project also incorporated a suite of REST APIs that allowed for easy access to data across the network.

Python Flask React
May 2018

A blockchain web application built with Java and Spring Boot. It was a basic transactional demo to convey the functionality and use-cases of blockchain within the company.

Java Spring Boot
Mar 2018 - Apr 2018

A blockchain network built for real estate. This web app was a technical demo of blockchain technology that incorporated smart contracts, a consensus algorithm, and access to a private, permissioned network.

Truffle Javascript React
Apr 2018

CalVid is a cross-platform mobile application built with React Native that utilises the YouTube API to deliver a similar experience to YouTube mobile, streamlined to a custom YouTube Channel ID.

React Native YouTube API Babel Metro Bundler X Code Visual Studio Code
Jan 2018

Morning Spot is an app for iOS built with Swift that utilises the Spotify API to let Spotify Premium users set any song from Spotify's library as an alarm sound on their device.

Swift 4 Spotify API X Code Cocoapods
May 2017 - Mar 2018

A desktop-based blockchain platform that I developed during my time at Telos. This platform utilised web-based technologies packaged through Electron to manage the front-end and Hyperledger to set up the private blockchain.

Hyperledger Composer JSON JavaScript (ES6) Electron HTML CSS Node Visual Studio Code IntelliJ
Dec 2017 - Jan 2018

A website I developed for the Blockchain startup Public Bloc. I developed versions for both investors the general public.

HTML CSS JavaScript (ES6) Visual Studio Code Adobe Photoshop
Nov 2017

This site was a big upgrade from my initial portfolio. It was my first time working with Bootstrap and a bunch of smooth animations to spice up the site to the eyes.

HTML CSS JavaScript (ES6) Bootstrap Visual Studio Code
Oct 2017

Chord is a Firebase-integrated web application for musicians that makes it easy to record practice sessions and leave feedback at a particular timestamp in the audio for review at a later time. This was made with two other developers in roughly 4 hours. I might revisit the project some day to package it for mobile and flush it out.
🏆 Won First Place at DevFestDC 2017 🏆

HTML CSS Firebase JavaScript (ES6) Visual Studio Code IntelliJ
Oct 2017

A website I made for my friend Evan to show off his Drillbook application (see above). It's one of my few websites that don't feature all of the content on one page, which I generally stray away from.

HTML CSS Firebase JavaScript (ES6) Visual Studio Code
Sep 2017

My first crack at developing a web-based portfolio for employers to view. I had used html and css before, but only at a very basic level. This site was quickly dropped in favour of personal website v2 due to my shoddy javascript that didn't play well with browsers.

HTML CSS JavaScript (ES6) Visual Studio Code
July 2017

A tips skill made in Amazon Lambda for Alexa to assist users at any skill level with culinary tasks and additional ingredients to use while making ramen noodles.
🏆 Rated 5/5 Stars on Amazon.com 🏆

JSON VS Code Node.JS Amazon Lambda Amazon Developer Portal Amazon Web Services
Nov 2016 - Nov 2017

A continuation of the Drillbook project. We decided to incorporate Google Firebase functionality for cloud storage, website hosting, and our user authentication services. Additionally, we utilised Github's Electron framework in order to have more control over the packaging process and the layout of the user interface.

Java JSON JavaScript (ES6) Electron Firebase HTML 5 CSS3 Node Visual Studio Code
Nov 2015 - Nov 2016

A pet project with my friend Evan Belcher. DrillBook is a desktop-based drill creation software. It is designed to help drill writers and band directors create, edit, and print drill pages with ease and fine-tuned control.

Java JSON Node IntelliJ
Aug 2014 - Nov 2015

A webpage built using WordPress for a team of content creators to deliver tech previews to their audiences.

HTML CSS WordPress IntelliJ
Dec 2014

A third-person platforming game built in Unity and C++. This was built in approximately 7 hours at the Jamtech X hackathon and utilised a number of free assets from the Unity store.
🏆 Recognised at Jamtech X Awards 🏆

Unity Engine C++